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We're conveniently located at
6056 North 156th Street
Just 4 blocks North of Fort Street in Omaha.


Nursery and Garden Center

  • Trees: B&B, Potted, and Grow-Bag
  • Shrubs and Perennials: Top brands and local grown!
  • Annual Flowers and Tropicals
  • Fertilizers and Maintenance Programs

Garden Center

Nursery and Garden Center

  • Garden Solutions: Weed Control, Insecticides, & More
  • Fertilizers: Traditional and All Natural
  • Pottery, Bird Baths, Garden Art, Decor, Benches 
  • Water Features: Self Contained and Inground Units 


  • Spring: In bloom potted spring bulbs
  • Summer: Look for BBQ sales and events
  • Fall: Mums, pumpkins, hay bales, corn stalks & more 
  • Winter: Christmas trees, wreaths, lights and decor 


We offer a delivery service for mulch, rock, plants, and trees. We also offer a tree planting service. Call us at 402-551-3654 for current rates on these services.


Have a question? Ask our knowledgable staff
Contact Zack or John for nursery and plant related questions.
zack@robertslln.com   john@robertslln.com

Robert's Picks
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Tree, Shrub, Perennial, Annual, Tropical
Tree, Shrub, Perennial, Annual, Tropical

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Plant of the Month
Weeping White Spruce
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Tree, Shrub, Perennial, Annual, Tropical

Manager's Special
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Pick of the Week
Little Henry Sweetspire  


    Any "zone hardy" perennial plants/trees purchased from Robert's Nursery, at no more than 30% off, carry a limited warranty. All warranties provided include a 30 day unconditional coverage. The period after the initial 30 days is subject to rules and regulations which includes a "Plant Inspection" - The customer must first bring in the plant(s) or a current picture of the plant or plants in question. After the initial inspection our staff may decide to visit the property for an in person inspection. Replacement of plants will be based on the specified rules below and final decisions will be made by Robert's Nursery Staff. Plants installed by Robert's Nursery, that were sold at no more than 30% off, carry a 12 month warranty from the date of purchase. Plants purchased from but not installed by Robert's carry the following warranty: Perennials = Covered within that growing season, Shrubs = 1 year from date of purchase, Trees = 1 year from date of purchase
    Rules and Restrictions:
     If a customer relocates any of the plant material, that plant material will no longer carry a warranty.  Any relocation should be done by Robert's to ensure that the proper steps are taken to give the plant material the optimal chance for survival. Charges for root stimulator and labor to relocate the plant(s) would also apply.  Following this procedure will ensure that your plant(s) remain under warranty.  Robert's may tell you that a plant is too large or sensitive to move.  In this case, we can still try, but the warranty will be voided even if Robert's moves the plant(s).  This only applies to shrubs and perennials.  Robert's will not warranty a tree that is moved under any circumstances.
     Warranties are non-transferrable. The warranties on these plants will be null and void once the property is sold. If the new owner of the home wants to continue a maintenance program, we can make arrangements with them. If a customer decides to relocate any of the plant material to their new house, that plant no longer carries a warranty.
    Robert's Warranty does not cover: 
     -An "Act of God": Which is defined as "A manifestation especially of a violent or destructive natural force, such as a lightning strike or earthquake, that is beyond human power to cause, prevent, or control" or "An event that directly and exclusively results from the occurrence of natural causes that could not have been prevented by the exercise of foresight or caution; an inevitable accident." Some examples include, but are not exclusive to: Hail, Flooding, High winds/tornado, Drought, Extreme weather conditions such as above average heat/cold or excessively wet/dry conditions, Animal damage: Rabbits or other animals feeding on the plant, Trampling by a dog, deer, child, etc., Deer rubbing, Animal waste
     -Neglect: Which is defined as "Failure to care for properly". Plants and trees on the owner's property are their responsibility.  The customer should have general knowledge of how to take care of plants and trees, and is responsible for day to day care and watering.  Any situation where neglect is involved will void any warranty coverage.
    Replacements and Warranty Claims:
     A perennial, shrub or tree must be 40% dead or more to be replaced. Replacement plants will be of the same size and variety (pending availability) as originally purchased. Replacements and warranty claims are a one time coverage and may be subject to labor charges. Placement of plants will be subject to a root system evaluation and level of ability to be replanted in the same location. Level one: easily replaced, no extra charge. Level two: replacement possible, extra charges may occur. Level three: removal of the old plant is not possible without specialized equipment or damaging surrounding landscape or structures, new plant must have new location or be given as a nursery credit in the amount of the original purchase price of the plant.
     All nursery stock is limited and subject to availability, thus replacements are not guaranteed to be the exact same plant variety, but will be of the same size as originally purchased. Should the customer decide that a similar variety is not suitable for thier needs then a nursery credit in the amount of the original plant cost will be issued.
    Robert's is not responsible for damaged sod, sprinklers, any unseen wires, cables, gas lines, concrete, etc. Permits and permission needed are to be applied for and obtained by the home owner. Any alterations or deviation from above specifications involving extra costs will be executed upon written or verbal orders and will become an extra charge. Applicable finance charges will be added monthly on any unpaid balance at the time of completion. In the event Robert's is forced into litigation prompted by nonpayment of contract, Robert's shall be entitled to full reimbursement of contract plus interest and all reasonable legal expenses. Robert's is only responsible for the work that is written within the signed contract. No assumptions of work are to be done unless written and explained within the same contract. The area of work is the "work zone". If additional work is needed to the "work zone" after completion of the job contracted (i.e.: sod, concrete wash, grading seeding, etc.) additional estimates and billing charges will occur. Our workers are fully covered by Workmen's Compensation Insurance. 

  2. Watering Instructions For Newly Installed Plants

    DECIDUOUS TREES: For the first 2 weeks you should water every other day for 10-20 min. from a garden hose at half speed (split the total time between both sides of the root system). Potted trees should be 5-20 minutes every other day, depending on size. The root ball needs to be moist, but not drowning so please pay attention (check moisture by sticking your finger into the top inch of soil, not mulch). During the following 2 weeks water 1-3 times a week. These are guidelines to get you started but weather and plant type can affect the exact watering requirements. Keep a close eye on your new tree for the first year.
    EVERGREENS: Once every 5th day for 10-20 minutes with from a garden hose at half speed (split the total time between both sides of the root system). You should continue this for 4 weeks, and then keep a close eye on it for the rest of this season, watering 1-3 times per month as needed. Most evergreens prefer moist but well drained and if over saturated they will drown. (Firs need less water and pines typically need a little more.)

    SHRUBS AND PERENNIALS: Water daily for 2 weeks keeping the soil moist. Sprinklers do not count, you must hand water with a hose (30-60 seconds per shrub and 15-30 seconds for each perennial). Water 2-3 times a week for the next 2 weeks. Keep in mind evergreens need less water than deciduous plants so 2-3 times a week to start followed by 1-2 times a week.

    • Sprinklers do not count as a watering, as they only water the top couple of inches for your lawn. However, if a sprinkler continually hits the leaves or needles it can easily damage your new plants. You should also keep an eye out for sprinklers arching and landing at the base of a tree or shrub for prolonged periods. This can drown the plant. Make any necessary adjustments to your sprinkler heads as early as possible.
    • Prolonged heavy rains count for a watering, if they accumulate more than 1 inch. Quick heavy rains do not penetrate the soil well even though we may have received more than 1 inch. Because of this you should check your plants moisture level the next day.
    • During the heat of the summer plants can dry out very easily. Don’t hesitate to give your plants a little extra water as needed.
    • Keep the root system moist until the ground freezes, even if the leaves have fallen. If your tree or plant goes into winter with dry roots it can get frost burn, resulting in winter dieback and stunted growth.

    FERTILIZATION: For all new plants you want to carefully select your fertilizer/additives and time of application as it is a necessary step but easy to throw off new plants. Consult one of our garden center staff for what to use and for when it should be applied.
    Leave the stakes in for one full year in order to give your tree adequate time to root in.
    Please keep in mind that plants are living things and require individual attention and care as they grow.
    QUESTIONS: Always feel free to contact the nursery staff with any questions you may have.
    Zack, John, Tanner 402-551-3654


    • Can not be combined with other offers.
    • No warranty on products, plants, material etc discounted 30% or more.
    • No returns on products, plants, material etc discounted 75% or more.
    • Unless otherwise stated, all offers expire 7 days from original run date.
    • There are no guarantees on specific delivery/installation dates.
    • Unless otherwise stated, all sales are on in stock products and expire when stock runs out (NO RAIN CHECKS WILL BE GIVEN).
    • Free delivery/installation is limited to a 5 mile radius of our nursery located at 6056 N 156th St Omaha NE 68116. All sales outside of this area will be prorated according to standard fees. Additional fees will apply to additional/unusual requests, tree removal/disposal, relocation of material/plants, indecision/unpreparedness of the customer that results in extra time spent on the job, etc.
    • Sales associates will have complete knowledge on offers and can help explain all rules and regulations. Should there be a misunderstanding of an offer; the sales associate has the authority to make a final decision on the situation.

Watering Instructions

Warranty Coverage

Rules & Regulations

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